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Title: Project Engineer

Project Engineer

1. Current Drawings - Maintain current design and shop drawings for field use. Become thoroughly familiar with contract documents. Field all questions from subcontractors or material suppliers concerning drawings and specifications.

2. Material Expediting - Expedite and monitor the status of all subcontractor and vendor materials. Maintain the material status log. Coordinate and expedite delivery of owner furnished equipment.

3. Shop Drawings and Submittals - Monitor all shop drawings and submittals for review and approval by the architect. Assume responsibility for the accuracy of shop drawings as the general contractor's representative. Develop and maintain the shop drawing log and shop drawing files. Obtain and distribute "Field Use" drawings.

4. Data Processing Skills - Develop a familiarization with PC hardware and software including basic spreadsheet skill related to Items 2 and 3.

5. Miscellaneous Logs - Develop and maintain all logs on a daily basis including concrete logs and drawing revision log.

6. Marketing - Constantly seek and explore future business opportunities for the company through the many associations and contacts that are developed during the course of a project.

Project Engineer and Project Manager.

1. Scheduling - Develop and issue the initial project schedule and maintain periodic updates of this schedule. Coordinate the schedule with the project superintendent and all subcontractors and suppliers.

2. Cost Analysis - Review actual costs of the project and participate in the projection of costs to complete.

3. Advanced Data Processing Skills - Develop scheduling, graphic, and advanced spreadsheet skills.

4. Master Cost Breakdown - Develop the master cost breakdown and schedule of values for payment applications.

5. Signage - Obtain from Corporate Business Development standardized signage and other Integra Construction, Inc. identifying materials and substantiate that such items are installed properly on site.

6. Job close-out - Prepare all job close-out procedures, include completion of all punch list items, securing "as-built" drawings, warranties, and all final paperwork required by the contract document at the completion of the project.

Project Manger

1. Change Order Proposals - Record and estimate all changes to the scope of work. Survey quantity take-offs and solicit subcontractor quotes in connection with change order proposals. Notify and issue change order proposals to the architect and owner. Negotiate change orders; expedite the execution of change orders, and the issuance and execution of subsequent change orders to subcontractors. Prepare budget revisions and cost corrections. Document reasons for delay and submit requests for extensions of time and/or additional costs.

2. Contracts and Purchase Orders - Write and expedite the execution of all agreements. Expedite the procurement of all insurance certifications, bonds, and any other documents required to protect the interests of the Company.

3. Coordination Meeting - Organize and administer periodic onsite contractor job coordination meetings.

4. Disputes - Resolve problems and design conflicts which arise during construction. Inform the appropriate members of the project team.

5. Meetings - Represent the company in meetings with owners, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers with emphasis on enhancing the client-contractor relationship.

6. Safety - Assist the project superintendent in maintaining a professional on-site safety program. See that proper safety measurers in accordance with Federal and State laws, local ordinances, and industry practices are observed by all persons and firms involved.

7. Quality Control - Insure that contractual quality standards are met or exceeded. Administrate at all quality program meetings or functions.

8. Monthly Financial and Reports - Prepare the monthly job progress report and monthly profitability analysis.

9. Monthly Pay Applications - Prepare monthly payment applications. Arrange for timely submission to architect or owner's agent. Also, expedite prompt payment of monthly payment application, processing of invoices, and subcontractor payments.

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